Saran Wrap Sucks

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I am not good with saran wrap.  I know I’m supposed to capitalize saran wrap, but I do not care to give it the respect of a proper noun.  There is nothing proper about it.  I also know that I should call it by the generic phrase “plastic wrap”, but I just can’t.  It is saran wrap to me and saran wrap sucks.  I can’t control it, I don’t understand it, and I don’t trust it.  How can I control something I can’t see?!  Nope, saran wrap is no good.

Cutting it is a challenge for me.  One section always refuses to sever and instead stretches, resulting in an irritating salt water taffy scenario.  I know about applying pressure while cutting. I know about the nifty side tab thing that is supposed to facilitate in the roll out. I know all the tricks, and yet cutting saran wrap continues to suck for me.

When I do manage to cut a piece, the situation unravels from there.  The saran wrap will fold in on itself, most likely as a means of self-defense, making it impossible to recreate a flat and useful structure.  Or worse, the saran wrap starts to attack.  It wraps itself around my hand like a boa constrictor, cutting off air and rendering my fingers inoperable.  I end up balling up my failure in a tantrum and starting over.

A few months ago, I started taking pictures of my ongoing war and here is a sampling of my strife:

Things They Forgot to Mention, blog, photo, saran wrap

Things They Forgot to Mention:

I may win the battle, but saran wrap always wins the war.

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  • Sarah
    October 9, 2014

    I never say this, but speed is your best friend in this case. That, and a flourish of the wrap-holding hand immediately after the split-second cutting occurs, a la symphony conductor!” “YES, bring in the tubas!” I can offer you attendance at my saran wrap clinic, if all else fails. 🙂

    • Sunna
      October 10, 2014

      Sarah Bear, I can’t wait to attend your saran wrap clinic. And yes, ALWAYS bring on those tubas!

  • Eva Wilson
    October 9, 2014


  • Michelle
    October 14, 2014

    Happens to me all the time! I swear the cutter thing is useless! Haha!

  • NancyDearth
    April 18, 2017

    I always use saran wrap but my last two rolls were disasterous. I couldn’t pull the wrap off to use it. The end was stuck and I couldn’t get it to unravel. I tried everything. It wouldn’t come undone. How am I expected to use saran wrap that doesn’t wrap.

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