No Work, All Play

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Just settling back in from a trip to Alaska.  I learned many things including: there is nothing bluer than an iceberg; bears are delightfully pigeon-toed; and even though you believe with all your soul that you will work while on vacation, you won’t.  And you shouldn’t because the purpose of vacation is to dip yourself in new places and come back so fresh and so clean-clean.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  So, bear with me (pun intended) while I get my bearings (another pun! nice!).  New, real post will come next week.

In the meantime, a little taste of Alaska:

Things They Forgot to Mention, blog, photo, Alaska

I mean, seriously Alaska? You think this a joke, Alaska? Calm down with all the beauty, Alaska…

Things They Forgot to Mention:

Vacation is for vacationing.  In other words: no work, all play.

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